Friday, July 27, 2007

Cooler temperatures, and minutae

It seems luxurious to sit here with the windows open after almost two weeks of 95 and higher (like 107) degree heat. Sixty eight degrees feels downright chilly.

Yesterday out of the blue, I got a phone call from the Recalcitrant Tenant. He said he "found" documents and garage door openers that belonged to me (remember this is the stuff he said I never gave him). THEN he asked me about a package of vitamins that had been delivered to the house between the time he left and we got back. I had taken it inside since I didn't want stuff on my front porch when we weren't there full time, then tried to return it--but it makes sense that the company from which he ordered them had no address or phone number on the website. I had it in the car to take it to Fed Ex to ship back.

You cannot convince me he would have called about my documents and garage door openers had I not had this package. I should have used this opportunity to ask him why, if he could afford fancy mail order vitamins, that he could not afford to pay us the owed rent. I am not good at dealing with slick talking con men, though. Had Taciturn been here when he called, I would have let him talk. T is very, very good at that. I did ask him about a few other things that are missing.

We move in on Monday. The smaller shipment we have awaited for almost two weeks (since it can't go into storage, we have been on a two hour call, which has really restricted our movements and plans) is delayed for another week. Would have been nice to know that, but oh well. In the larger scheme of things, it is a small matter.

Anyway, all arrangements have been made for telephone, Internet, and Dish Network (no cable in our neighborhood, and Direct TV doesn't have local channels in our area). Wed I will clean the condo in which my friend has been so gracious to allow us to stay so it will be clean for her return on Thursday.

The moving process has taken a while, six weeks, but the last time we moved it took six months. We are so grateful.

I got my transcript for the last semester's work at seminary yesterday--with no New Testament grade! I finished that class in March! I emailed a couple of my friends to see what was up--no one had gotten a grade. That is unacceptable. T called the situation a much stronger term. It is difficult to convince him that seminary is as much a professional school as is medical school when stuff like this is allowed to go on.

Today is T's birthday. We planned to go to dinner last night, but we ate too much lunch and were still full at dinnertime, so we are going tonight. We've been eating out a lot. We've kept up with our exercise, though. I've lost ~ 10 lbs since seminary, and have 15 more to go. With all of the eating out, the scale has stopped. It'll be better once we get settled in.

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the reverend mommy said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it.