Saturday, August 4, 2007

Moving, EFM, and moved

We are finally in our house! Cause for celebration!

But with the celebration comes unpacking. We have made huge strides on our 250 boxes since Monday. We even have hung a few photos.

The hardest part paradoxically comes with having lived in this house before. We have had some mildly heated discussions over where this picture, this piece of pottery, etc was the last time. And I'm having a devil of a time with the kitchen--"Now where did I used to keep this?"

We found in office boxes some photos of the house I took right before I moved out (Taciturn was in Korea then) in June 2005. That has helped immensely, plus solved some of the "But it was here! I remember!" debates we've had.

Of course, when we get our new furniture we will have an entirely new framework in which to work, but for now it is just easier to do it as before.

Small world moment: the crew that moved us in was the same crew that moved us into this house the first time, in 2002. We were fortunate in that we had liked this crew before, so it was good to see them. They even remembered the house layout!

Tomorrow I am meeting the deacon who mentors EFM in this area. In fact, she was one of the co-mentors when I took EFM. The other co-mentor retired last year after mentoring since the program's inception (he said he was called to do it, and he was amazing); I have been invited to take his place. I am so NOT worthy, but EFM changed my life so this is a chance to give back. I have felt the tug of the Holy Spirit to mentor, thus it was an affirmation to be invited. Anyway, we are getting together to discuss what is happening this year. I am headed for mentor training later this month in WY.

Two of the blogs I read fairly regularly recently have moved me deeply. They have discussed responsibility in marriage and how to handle marital crises. What these women have discussed has kind of piggybacked onto something on which I wanted to write a reflection anyway, and a movie T and I watched last night dovetailed further into the subject. I started to just write a post but I think this will need a bit of off line work. So, you'll see it later.

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