Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catching up

I returned 2 days ago from Cody WY where I completed EfM Mentor training at Thomas the Apostle retreat center. Taciturn and I drove 400 miles to get there and immediately I started the training, which probably was a mistake, as I was very tired. But, it turned out to be a great exercise and fun, and I met some amazing people. The drive there was awesome. We took I-90 into the Bighorns and saw some great views.

Unfortunately, my camera was packed so I don't have photos. Grumble.

Cody is set in Yellowstone country, in the foothills of the Rockies. It really is beautiful. Had I realized how wonderful it was, I would have urged T to go a day earlier as I did not get to do a bit of tourist stuff! Here is a photo of most of the people in my mentor training group (the lone man had to leave post-haste); one can see the mountains in the background as well as some horses.

Besides the mentor training and meeting the wonderful people I did, the noon outdoor Eucharist on Friday was very moving. The presider said in her brief homily that we want to make Christianity "nice". We tiptoe around each other and issues in that attempt, instead of acknowledging that it has lots of rough edges. She quoted Tina Turner--that Christianity is rough. Life is messy, but there is hope. She said it in such a way that I started to weep, and wept through the celebration.

On the way back, we stopped at the Comfort Inn in Buffalo WY. As we pulled up, there were two police cars in front with lights flashing. The police were handcuffing a young man, and preparing to tow his motorcycle! And in front of the motel, there were 8 motorcycles. T turned to me, worried, and asked about the cancellation policy of this place. Alas, we were 20 minutes past the time we could cancel.

All was well, though. In the lobby were the motorcyclists--all middle aged businessmen types who were from Rapid City as we are. I also had a wonderful conversation with a 60-ish couple who sold their house in upstate NY and moved to Buffalo--they had arrived that day. (They had lived midway between my friend in Cooperstown and my friend in Buffalo, NY.) So that was an opportunity. Dinner was really great; we went to a local steakhouse called the Winchester whose service rivaled any restaurant I've ever been to and whose food was very good. We are not huge red meat eaters, but I do have some on occasion as I get anemic if I do not, so I had prime rib, as did T. His was as tender a cut of meat as he ever has had. Mine wasn't, but it was tasty.

So, if ever you go through WY on I-90, try to stop at the Winchester in Buffalo. Yummy!

My friend L invited me to a meeting of Altrusa yesterday. I was impressed by the service projects they do, and the humility of the women I met. I may join!

Today I get the oil changed in my car, and go to the base doctor to get a referral to a neurologist, to get at the bottom of my issues. We'll see how that goes!

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