Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Remembering Katrina

Two years ago, T and I sat in our temporary digs at the USAF base in Washington DC glued to the TV watching what was going on. We had moved from the Gulf Coast just 3 years before, had sold our house there only six weeks prior, and still kept in touch with our friends there. One of my brothers lived in east central Mississippi, and we had enjoyed being able to visit New Orleans once a month.

How quickly things change.

Two years later, most of our close friends are gone from there. There is no work for them and no way to get to work if there was, since the bridges are still gone. One couple we know still have no first floor to their home.

T's step father says that the people in NO and on the Coast are just lazy, if they would get off their butts and get to work, things would be ok.

His favorite news commentator, btw, is Rush Limbaugh.

What I would say to the FIL and others like him is that YOU try having no home and no infrastructure and no place to work, and see how you do. YOU try having the government obviously in a war against you and those like you and see how you do. Our Current President does not care for anyone who is unlike him and those in the circles in which he moves, so you can bet the Trump deals and those like that will move forward before housing for the people. When someone realizes that there are no workers for those places as there is no place for the workers to live and no infrastructure to support even building those residences or high rises, maybe something will happen to better their plight.

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