Friday, August 31, 2007

Taciturn is hiking Harney Peak...

...and I'm shuffling around, cleaning the house. I'm in the middle of an exacerbation, so taking a walk around the neighborhood is out, let alone going on a hike up Harney Peak.

WARNING: This is a poor me post!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have had a neuromuscular problem since 2004 that is still undiagnosed. I have been worked up twice for multiple sclerosis, as this issue waxes and wanes. After the two comphrehensive workups, no sign of MS. But something is amiss. You should see me walk, go up stairs, rise from a chair, etc. My left hand functions more like a claw. It is useful, as long as I don't try to hold anything breakable in it. (Or scatterable--I dropped a bag of coffee beans while filling it at the grocery a couple of weeks ago.) I drool just a little from the left corner of my mouth. The sensation in my legs is nothing but pins and needles.

I used to think nothing of going out the door to run 7-10 miles at a whack. I've completed two marathons, the last being Grandma's Marathon in 2003. At one time I was a body builder and a certified personal trainer.

Needless to say, this is frustrating.

After a visit with my new primary care provider the other day, I am awaiting a referral to a neurologist. The problem is that by the time I get to the neuro doc, I probably will be much better. That is part of the reason why I'm not diagnosed--the neurologist has never seen me in an exacerbation.

But then, I can go hiking with Taciturn again!

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