Monday, September 10, 2007

Going home

After a great visit with Only Son and his family, as well as my family of origin. Great to play with the kids who make me Episcogranny. I also visited Calvary Episcopal Church in my hometown, which was a little sad as a very active member died in an auto accident this past Wed. This man was a great spiritual friend, which played right into Father Bill's sermon about how spiritual friendship is a huge part of the reason we have church!

One huge point Fr. Bill made is that true spiritual friends don't take their balls and bats and go home when one of the friends does something not agreed with. You know where he was going with that. People who do that, he said, are not friends.

We drove 8 hours today, have 4 more tomorrow. EfM starts tomorrow night, but I'll do more updates! And, prayers for Heather on the loss of her grandmother.


Jan said...

So you're facilitating EFM? I start my first year of EFM tomorrow. Since I've take scripture courses in seminary, I am hoping I'll be open to renewal.

Heather said...

Thank you, Laura! I've finally gotten time to stop and take a breath and just saw this. I very much appreciate it. I think she would have liked her send-off. We had a wonderful time.