Thursday, October 11, 2007

Former marriage memories

Doxy has a very touching post today about getting rid of wedding dresses from marriages that didn't work.

Funny that post went up today. This morning, as I read the online version of my hometown newspaper, I noted that my first husband, the father of Only Son, was in a head on automobile collision along with his wife Tuesday evening. He wasn't at fault; someone crossed the center line. The article said that everyone suffered only minor injuries.

There is head on, and then there is head on.

I emailed Only Son at work to check things out with him; indeed, everyone is fine. Praise God.

My lack of emotion was the weirdest thing to me. I gasped when I saw it, emailed Only Son, and then went about my day. I was married to this man for almost ten years, we had a child together, and I didn't do much more than shrug my shoulders.

However, I have to say that we have been divorced for 20 years and it was a particularly acrimonious divorce. We didn't speak for 3 or 4 years except through lawyers. It took his re-marriage to finally get things under control.

So maybe that was why I had so little emotion.

I do have a card ready to put into the mail mentioning that he and his wife are in my prayers. I send it because they are in my prayers, and despite all that is past, God does heal those old memories.


lj said...

Lauralew, I'm 6 months out of my 14 year marriage, so the emotions are still pretty close to the surface. Lots of pain before the separation and sadness now, but not the acrimony, praise God. It is always hopeful for me to hear from those of you who have made it through. And especially (per Doxy's earlier post on marriage) those of you who tried again! Glad everyone is OK.

Jan said...

Thank you for "God heals the memories." True.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Well, Laurelew, my son is seven months out from an acrimonious divorce and custody battle. At the present time, the only communication between him and his ex-wife is when it's absolutely necessary to discuss something about their two children.

It's encouraging to know that time can change things.

I'm glad everyone is OK.

LJ, you're at nearly the same point as my son. I'm pleased for you that the acrimony is not there, but I know it's still sad.