Saturday, October 13, 2007

What can happen

If you are an outspoken opponent of the President's stance on SCHIP.

You become a victim of the smear machine of the Far Right. They have stooped so low as to attack a brain injured child. Read about it here.

See Lauralew shaking her head...


Cathy said...

It's a crying shame -- our health care system is a mess. Wonder when it will improve?

I like your new look on your blog.

Lauralew said...

Who knows, Cathy? Like anything else, there are so many factors that would have to collude. Too much money to be made by so many different people. I just hate to see people left behind by a self described "compassionate conservative."

This SCHIP veto has energized me as few political decisions have.

Thanks for the comments on the new look--when I changed my photo, the layout no longer worked. So I decided to do an entire face lift!