Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm tired

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm just tired, bone weary, actually.

I'm not sick, like Eileen and Heather were. I'm just tired.

I'm tired of trying to fight against our President who will let children go without health insurance then have the balls to ask for another outlandish amount of money in his attempt to launch WWIII to mask his disdain for the regular (not rich) American people. It's the regular folks that fight these dumb wars.

I'm also tired of listening to the President and his minions beat the drum against the Iranian government. This sounds suspiciously like what happened before the Iraq disaster. I'm afraid, like I heard a guest on Bill Moyers say a few weeks ago, that our less than transparent government officials will bomb Iraq out of the blue at night when we are all sleeping. I'm tired of listening to Taciturn agree with the President that war with Iran is the right thing to do. His views of our President are the total opposite of mine, so we've agreed to not discuss it as our attempts to do so usually end up in screaming matches that are unhelpful to either of us.

I'm tired of the AAC. My poor mission diocese, which contains the most economically disadvantaged county in the entire United States, cannot deal with this. The priorities must be the heart of the Gospel, not who is pure enough to see in church. Worries about purity then supercede if the people in the pews are eating or not, a very real concern in this diocese.

And I'm tired of having mice in my basement! Last night our kitty Eliza brought a very alive mouse into our living room while we were watching a DVD, then released it. The resulting chaos caused our DVD player to be knocked off its perch (among other things) while the cats and the mouse scrambled all over the place. Finally the mouse got into a gap between our cabinets and the dishwasher and disappeared. We were able to control the mice with D-Con before the kitties came, now we can't use that so we are using something that is not toxic to pets but not as toxic as I would like for mice, either. We can only keep out so many traps!

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eileen said...

Hugs Laura.

We're all tired. It's that time of year.

Here's a prayer for things to at least get less tiresome.