Thursday, October 25, 2007

Odd how

I wrote this am about my fear that our government will attack Iran while we are sleeping (literally, not metaphorically). Turns out Brian McClaren has this fear as well, and blogged on it today. There is an amazing graphic on the blog that if the words aren't enough to entice you, well, the picture is.

I got out into the Black Hills today for a nice 5 mile hike with Taciturn. That was a bit of work due to the ruggedness of the trail and it cleared my head a bit.

Tomorrow I head to Borderlands Ranch Retreat Center for a day and a half of spiritual conversation, labyrinth walking, and whatever else I want to do. Two of my good friends are going also, as well as some other people I'd like to get to know better. This will be great.

Now it is off to book discussion group at church! We are discussing The Kingdom Within, which has turned out to be much more thought provoking than I first envisioned. Read it if you have a chance.

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