Friday, October 26, 2007

Change of plans

I had planned to go on a retreat today, but I woke up with body aches, chills and fever. I tried to soldier on, but realized that I just couldn't go. So I took to the couch with some hot tea.

So I have been catching up on my DVR shows--Barefoot Contessa and History Detectives. I have loved Barefoot Contessa for years, but the air times usually didn't mesh with my schedule. With the DVR, though, I can watch whenever I wish, and since her recipes are so easy to make (as well as pretty to view), dinners have been a hit around here lately (I love to cook). I got some more ideas from the shows I watched today.

My very first major in college was history. I love any way that historical artifacts or events can be presented in an entertaining and relevant fashion (which happens so rarely in the classroom), so that is why I do enjoy History Detectives. I love to hear Elyse Luray speak, also!

Back to the couch. Still feeling wiped out, but hopefully I can go to the second day of the retreat tomorrow.


Jan said...

Hope you feel much better by tomorrow.

Lauralew said...

Hi Jan, thanks for your kind words. I did feel better the next day and did go to the retreat, which was great.