Sunday, October 28, 2007

Disturbing post

How many times have you dug around in your purse for a shopping list, your reading glasses, coupons, whatever while in a store? If you are anything like me, lots. To some folks, we are seeming to engage in criminal behavior and can be prosecuted. I read a lengthy and totally chilling post on Jazzolog about his friend Elyse who was apprehended for shoplifting when she was seen placing a tube of makeup into her purse by the all seeing eye in the sky in the store. Problem was, that was a tube of makeup she had brought to the store from home to ensure she got another just like it. It was her tube of makeup. She spent 21 hours in jail, lost her job as a consultant, and spent thousands of dollars in lawyers' fees to have the charges dismissed, which she knew they would be. She is slowly rebuilding her life.

Be careful, gals. It isn't enough to be innocent, you have to act innocent. Unfortunately, acting innocent is in the eye of the beholder and what may be perfectly innocent to you may not be to the eye in the sky. Scary.

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jazzolog said...

Thank you for your reference to and comment at jazzoLOG about Elyse' experience. She's got a cold currently and is not browsing the Net. She made sure she got some medicine at a DIFFERENT drugstore.

I'm Episcopalian too. Did that connect us somehow, or is this a coincidence? God's Peace!