Monday, October 29, 2007

Trip to neurologist

was today. Some may remember my little confused and wandering spell I blogged about around the end of September. Anyway, the visit was pretty perfunctory. When my insurance approves MRIs of my brain and thoracic spine as well as nerve conduction studies and a lumbar puncture, I'll have those done and then we'll get on with it.

The neurologist said something that was encouraging (to me). He noted that over the last several years I've had lots of testing (which I have), but nothing that has been put together to try to prove anything. He said he will work on that.

What a relief! He was very interested in the fact that one of my brothers has early onset Parkinson's and another has neuropathies that no one can figure out a cause of. That brother, incidentally, walks with a cane. Both of them are younger than I.

Another time I'll blog about the other medical visit I had today. THAT one was the flummoxing one. And my insurance most likely will not cover the treatment that I need.

I'm happy I have any insurance at all! See my previous posts on SCHIP...

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