Sunday, October 7, 2007

Since I AM

Episcogranny, maybe I should blog about church stuff on occasion.

Our supply priest was ill so, with the help of an outline our interim rector emailed to a couple of us late Friday afternoon, a few of us cobbled together a Morning Prayer service that included a sermon (thanks to the Lutheran pastor who attends our church), and music (thanks to the man who is the music director at the Presbyterian church, although an Episcopalian). The acolyte mentor was not there so between the Lutheran pastor, the junior warden, and myself, we got them in order. We decided a half hour before the service to stuff the bulletins with the outline we were emailed. This way our congregation, which is unused to reading Morning Prayer, could follow along.

It went pretty well; I forgot to turn on the microphone but since I learned to project my voice when I took the class commonly known as "read and bleed" at VTS, that wasn't much of an issue. I shared officiating duties with another LEM and we were confused about when she was supposed to take over; had I to do it again, I would have just continued with the service instead of what I did do, which was to politely tell her to come over to the lecturn and read. That was awkward--and I will NOT do that again.

But the object was not to have a liturgically perfect service--the object is to come together as community and worship God the Parent, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. And due to the little community formed by the aforementioned people, I think we were able to do that.

And now, a little music I got from Cathy's blog. This is a great hymn. Enjoy!

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