Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back from New York

And I had a great time. My friend BB is consumed with her new business, Savor NY, but it isn't all work. Her premise is to serve as a clearinghouse to promote quality New York made products, so there is alot of research to do in the quest to discover quality NY made products. For example, we found Shaver Hill Farm, which produces maple syrup via a reverse osmosis process and also sells some of the best quality maple drops I've ever put in my mouth. We loved their sign, which is a 280 gallon syrup can.

We also found an Amish dairy farm that sells raw milk and cheese. I've never had raw milk, and found it much lighter than the homogenized and pasteurized whole milk that you get in the store. It didn't leave that cloying film in the mouth. Taciturn, the physician, was panicked that I drank raw milk but it is inspected, so I wasn't worried. The processing plant was there for all to see and it was clean as could be. The farmer is very willing to work with BB so she will promote his products. The cheese was great!

BB heats her house with wood stoves, so I did a bit of wood toting and stoking fires. That is different for me.

One of the most wonderful events of my visit was the trip to the Cooperstown Farmers'Market. What bounty! Any kind of apples you want, any kind of vegetable (seemed like, anyway), fresh eggs, cheeses, breads, and incredibly beautiful and crisp lettuce. We bought lots of fresh veggies and ate what BB calls "real food" the rest of my visit. Simply prepared and fresh, I was sated and happy after a meal of roasted beets with blue cheese and orange dressing, beet greens sauteed with fresh leeks and garlic, and a small but perfectly seared strip steak. Most of the other meals followed that theme.

And the fall color was spectacular.

It was a great place to enjoy what God has created. I hated to leave, but there is that pesky thing called wanting to see my husband again.

Now, to catch up on Life. I have other things to blog about, but the dirty house, empty larder, etc, beckon.

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