Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Appropriate Posts

I have read the posts of others who say they can't post what they really want due to the transparent nature of blogs. The wrong person will read what is posted and it will cause all kinds of problems.

Add me to that list today.

I just deleted a huge rant against a family member which talked about how this person took huge advantage of me and by extension, Taciturn. I fell right into it and this is something that has probably permanently damaged the relationship between this person and us. It was good to write about it, but no one needed to read it.

One thing I have done to protect myself somewhat is not give my blog address to my family members so I can say what I want without hurt feelings. But as we all know, if someone wants to find something enough on the Internet, she or he will. So I still have to monitor what I post.

Time to eat breakfast and get on to other things!


FranIAm said...

Interesting post. I gave my blog address to one cousin, but I know she stopped coming by, which is best for us all.

I often think of how the blog posts could take any number of things in any number of directions... Not all of them good.

My own spiritual writing for example, is not really done on my blog because I started out more political/snarky. For good or ill, that is what much of the readership is.

I have my church blog, of which I am the editor and primary author, but that is different. I can't always say exactly what I want to there, even though my great pastor has given me a wide berth.

This is very thought provoking - thank you for posting it as I discern what my main blog should or could be.

And how is your health? I send you much light this Advent. And prayers for your church both locally and at large.


Jan said...

You are wise. Thanks for visiting my blog.