Monday, December 10, 2007

Hearts Hurting Locally

Yes, I am sad about what is going on in my beloved TEC at the moment, but as far as I'm concerned, I have to write about what is going on in one of our Black Hills Episcopal churches.

This church, St. Andrew's, is being hit really hard with not only the very serious illness of their retired and much beloved former rector but the unexpected deaths of several long time and very involved members. One was told just last week at Mayo that she would not see Christmas; she died yesterday. That particular person's death was a bit hard for me as she was my mentor when I was in training to be a hospital lay eucharistic visitor. I just saw her two months ago at a special service in which she was the crucifer. She looked great. Who would have thought?

St. Andrew's had a special prayer service last week to address all of the loss and pain present in their parish right now.

We are fortunate in that although there are three Episcopal churches in Rapid City, none troll for members in the other churches and there are many joint services. That being the case, we all know each other. So when one parish is hurting, we all hurt with them.

As I've said before from the birthday prayer, our times are in God's hands. And the hope that is within us is not a sham. For me, that is such a comfort. May it be so for others who grieve right now.

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