Saturday, December 8, 2007

Advent Quiet Day

Is where I'm supposed to be right now. My good friend PB is the leader and I had planned on this for several weeks now.

I had not planned on 7 inches of snow and unplowed roads, however. I live near the top of a 5 mile long hill. Driving down that hill into town without the road being plowed...something I would have done when I was 20, but not at 50.

So, I'm making my own "quiet day". This is a good day for reflection and meditation. And although it changed my plans, just to look upon the beauty of the new fallen snow, the weightiness of it on the tree limbs, and just to hear the deep silence...amazing. I never cease to be awed by a good snowfall, another expression of the loveliness of God's creation.


Jan said...

I hope your quiet day was one of Peace. Looks lovely.

FranIAm said...

I am hopeful that your day was what was needed. The photo is so evocative of the contemplative.

Peace and prayers to you.