Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home from holiday travels

We came home early due to a death in Only Son's step family, and also a very tense visit with Taciturn's step father, the Angry White Man, who was unusually angry and mean this visit. A week ago today, T decided that we had to leave early due to some pretty awful stuff that happened at breakfast. T's mom has changed over the ten years I have known her from a feisty independent type woman to a trembling victim of abuse who allows her husband even to dictate in which chair she is allowed to sit. So sad. I'll write more about that later, as his abuse toward me (a liberal career woman, anathema to a misogynist) was just incredible this time around.

My laptop took a huge hit from a power surge at a motel in Indiana. I'm using T's PC right now--which doesn't give me much online time as he wants to use his computer as well. Go figure! My laptop is at the laptop hospital. Hopefully it'll come back soon.

The new siding is almost finished and the house looks great. The guys worked hard on it while we were gone. Our neighbor was great in keeping an eye on our house so I made some applesauce for her kids. It really is nice to be home.


bethoc said...

Welcome home! I'm in Honduras for Spanish language immersion. I don't have your email address to send you a link to my blog. Please email me. BethOC

FranIAm said...

Welcome back home, glad your house is doing well.

Sorry that you had to deal with things during your trip.

I send you prayerful good thoughts and will be back to read more of your words.

Jan said...

Welcome home!