Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mundane things

I have decided to run for the vestry of my church.

I can't gripe about anything unless I get my hands dirty. Not that I gripe much, but I need to help serve in the church that is my home. Besides, those who say "Politics lessens my faith" (like several folks I know) find themselves left out in the cold when something they dislike is made to happen by those who don't see politics as a faith buster. I've seen THAT very thing happen in this VERY church. Of course, all done in secret, but that is another story.

My laptop is still in the laptop hospital. It needs a new hard drive (so they say). I am going crazy not having my laptop. My creative juices, episodic at best, don't seem to want to flow at Taciturn's desktop PC. I can plop the laptop anywhere and work.

Boy, am I spoiled.

I'm still trying to get my head around what happened at my in laws. It just didn't--and doesn't--make sense. I don't feel I can write about it on this computer.
But I read this article on this morning. T's step father is a very certain fundamentalist (if he is right, then everyone who doesn't agree with him is wrong), which he wasn't when we met, and I wonder if that has contributed to his verbal attacks against me when I'm there. The attacks certainly have escalated over the years.


FranIAm said...

Glad that you are home and good for you for running!

As for your pc... sorry. It must be hard to not have it. I too have a laptop and I appreciate that I can be anywhere in this house, praise God.

That was quite an article. I sense that you have a quite a lot to say about your visit. I pray for you that you can express what you need to, either just privately or for your readers here.

Peace to you.

Jan said...

Good for you about discerning to run for the vestry. I was asked tonight, but declined.

So sorry that T's step father attacks you. Have you ever heard the prayer to pray for "enemies--"Bless _________, change me." It's worked miracles in my life--OVER time.