Friday, February 22, 2008


Thanks to all who supported me after my last post--FranIam, for posting, and to many others who sent me private emails. I was kind of in pieces for a few days afterwards, but am better now.

It helped to visit with a friend from church who also is of Native American ancestry--1/32 to my 1/4--but whose mother in law treats her dismissively due to that. She also no longer goes to visit. Her husband takes the kids and goes by himself. I wonder if this woman realizes that her grandchildren have Native American blood, or is 1/64 dilute enough for her?

I've decided to use some frequent flier miles and go to BOS (as Mibi calls it) to ground myself and see old pals. I'll go probably the second week of April.

AND...congrats to both Mibi and another seminary pal, Patrick P, for their nominations to represent BOS at a national preaching competition. I listened to an audio stream of Patrick P preaching on the Transfiguration a few weeks ago--wonderful! Mibi puts her texts on her blog and they read well; I'd love to actually hear her preach them!

We can announce the official call of our new priest. We elected him almost two weeks ago, but the announcement was held up due to some paperwork, which now is complete. He is a big teddy bear of a man, incredibly friendly and very grounded in Scripture and prayer. The Celebration of a New Ministry will be at the end of April.

I spoke to Only Son on the phone last night. He wants to borrow some money in order to invest in gold. I told him to call Taciturn today to talk about it. I don't think borrowing in order to invest is a good thing, but who am I? T knows more about that kind of stuff.


Jan said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'm sorry I've been so out of touch the last few weeks. Wishing you well. . . .

FranIAm said...

Oh Laura! Glad you are doing better, I have been holding you all in prayer and will continue to do so.

Glad you are taking a trip- I wish you peace and light.

Maybe next year if you come to see your friend in NY, we can try to meet up if time permits.

Gold is hot now, and I am no financial genius, but borrowing to buy may be problematic. What do I know? Any time I borrowed to buy something I paid in some other way, but that is just what happened to me.

Sending light and love always.