Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Blizzard

Sorry I haven't posted for a while; like I said on my Facebook profile, I've been contemplating irony. I'll expound on that later. Lately there has been much irony in my life and that of my extended family.

But now, as of 0925 May 2, I am sitting in my flannel pjs and watching the blizzard from my office window. Yes, blizzard. We have ten inches of snow on the ground which started last night with wind gusts to 60 mph and the weather forecast just was amended to include another 7-12 inches. The interstate is closed, the schools are closed, the roads can't be plowed due to the winds, no newspaper or mail, etc. At least we have power, heat, and food. If I run out of bread, I can just bake more.
The snow on our back deck has drifted up over our window sills. Very impressive.

Obviously I did not get to Weight Watchers this am. I'm worried about tomorrow; my group SDDIA is hosting an all day conference that had several from out of town signed up to attend. They won't be able to get here, and some of us may not be able to get to the conference site. I am saddened as the planning committee worked really hard to organize this.

I may post more photos as the snow drift increases!

UPDATE: It now is almost 2 pm. The snow has stopped, the sun is out, but the wind continues. We ended up with a foot of snow and 3 feet high drifts on our back deck. A town closer to WY had 4 feet of snow. The conference for tomorrow has been postponed. Taciturn is cleaning off the back deck as we speak.

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