Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Had a great trip to BOS. Sorry, Taciturn, I did not miss you one minute. I love the seminary and the folks there and it was great to immerse myself in that atmosphere again. I was so busy visiting that it seemed like I hardly slept.

Beth O'C helped me to put words to something with which I had not dealt. Thanks, my dear friend.

It was just great to be with people who know me as I am instead of how some wish I would be. I strive for authenticity and BOS was/is the one place where I totally could be myself.

But alas, back to Real Life. I came back Monday. T and I needed to stop at the store on the way home from the airport; we went to a Safeway and strolled in just in time to see an elderly man collapsing at the checkout. We hurried over; he was awake but his leg was askew. T took charge of the situation and suggested that this man get an xray. He was taken away; the store manager caught up with us a bit later to tell T that the man indeed had broken his hip. Yeek.

Yesterday I was in a DIA meeting and one of the members went down. I ran over and held up her legs. She moaned and her eyes rolled back into her head. Oh SHIT, I thought, and then someone came over to help me. The woman still had a pulse and came to pretty quickly--she had just taken a nitro tablet. We got her to the hospital.

And today, I was in a Target and someone tried to pick my purse. I had noticed a woman of my age and ethnic background hanging around me. I was preparing to turn and tell her she was too close when she put her hand into my purse! Luckily, I keep my wallet in a zippered compartment and had an umbrella over the compartment in which I keep my keys and phone. I screamed at her and she disappeared.

I should go back to the BIG CITY, where my husband is so afraid something will happen, so I can rest.