Monday, July 28, 2008

On the road

After a very emotionally intense week at the Hospice House and a horrible meeting Sunday morning at my church, I'm on the way to Missouri to visit my dad on his birthday, as well as Only Son and his family.

This is a really good week to be away. If I was still in town, today I would be stomping into the rector's office and resigning my vestry position, my LEM position, my committee positions, and my church membership (or maybe not, but it would be tempting). Distance lends perspective, and a chance to really pray this through. The above still could happen, but it would be more considered and prayerful. I spent over a half hour on the phone last evening checking out perceptions with my friend who is a spiritual director and good at picking up the undertow on things. She attended the same meeting--I just wanted to make sure that I was not blowing stuff out of proportion and letting ego get into the way. She actually feels exactly the same as I do.

When I feel angry and disappointed, I do not send email. I tend to say things I want to grab out of the air and take back!

I spent last night at a Comfort Inn in Sioux City, IA. I'll hit Only Son's house mid afternoon sometime. I'll probably just lurk on my fave blogs this week instead of post. Never enough time with the grandchildren!


Jan said...

I'm glad you let us know what's going on. Safe travels.

So sorry about the meeting and its effects. . . .I had one that upset me terribly a few weeks ago, but time and talking with a prayerful friend and eventually the priest helped a lot.

Wishing you peace as you journey to see family. Have fun!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm sorry to hear about the horrible meeting at church and the stress at Hospice House. I hope being with your grandchildren is recuperative. And I hope your prayer time brings you clarity.

Cathy said...

I do hate that you had a meeting which upset you that much. I have been there and I get stirred up like you too. I hope time will smooth things out for the situation. Praying for you that it will.