Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More on abortion ban

Fellow Episcopalian Robbinsdale Radical has posted a great article on why the abortion ban in South Dakota should be struck down. It was in the local paper over the weekend and I'm glad he posted it as I wanted to. The author of the article is a local OB/GYN.

The Sioux Falls, SD anti-choice woman behind this particular law and another that was defeated in 2006 is profiled this month in More Magazine. She lives in a parallel universe, one in which all girls (and I use that word purposefully) do as they are told and just cross their legs.

I attended a meeting for recorders (of which I am one) of Democracy In Action general meetings. Someone brought a copy of a 1910 pamphlet which explained why having the vote was "injurious to women". We've come really far, but so many are so ready to push us back where they think we as women belong.


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KarenAll Over said...

I'm so glad to see you continuing your tradition of being an "uppity" woman! Or, is that "uppity" granny? ;)

I'm trying to do the same down here. I've just joined the local Unitarian Universalist church with high hopes to serve the overlooked and disadvantaged here.