Monday, September 1, 2008

Company's a'Comin'

Nope, no one from NOLA looking for shelter. This would be a good place to go as NO hurricanes come to the Black Hills.

Taciturn's step sister JMG, the daughter of AWM, and her SO are coming for two weeks from Baltimore. We are playing tour guide for them in the Black Hills and the Badlands for a few days, then the four of us are headed out to Yellowstone National Park on Sunday.

She is nothing like her dad; she is a very happy, glass half full person and is really lots of fun to be around. We are closer to her than to T's own sister. We've been planning this trip for almost a year, and are looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, I've been cleaning like a crazy woman, including scrubbing down the woodwork. (I've mentioned before about my cleaning weirdness.) We moved the cats out of the guest bath into the laundry room, so they are confused and when they are confused, they howl. Plus, I'm cooking today--homemade pizza for T and I tonight and a pan of lasagna for all of us to eat tomorrow night. And I'm thinking about making a pan of homemade brownies also, as JMG said she and her SO really like brownies.

Busy, but a good busy.

Meanwhile, GD is starting first grade today as a homeschooled youngster. They chose today as Only Son is off work and can ride shotgun in case the day doesn't go smoothly. DIL is educated as a teacher; through that experience she swore she would never let her kids go to public school, so there you go. (Of course, she student taught in a horrible area of the town in which they live; I'm sure not all public schools in a university town are like that.) GD, as much as I adore her, can be a bit of a diva so I think a regular school would be better for her. But she's not my child, so I yield this point to her parents!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Your post is making me hungry. Lasagna and brownies. Yum.

Hope all the cleaning, etc. goes well.

FranIAm said...

Yummy- what time should I be there???

Have a great time!!!

Kirkepiscatoid said...


I have to add I am kind of in the same mindset as you about the homeschooling bit but for a different reason than my usual reason. Usually it's someone in the religious right wanting to protect their kid from the evil world and the parents are simply not qualified. But what you are describing sounds more like the "Little prince/princess" syndrome to me, which is #2 on my list of grouses about homeschool.

I am with you there, when little ones tend to have diva tendencies, I think there's nothing quite like a little peer pressure to take care of that!

Jan said...

Have fun! You're a granny who is wise and also detached--a good way to be.