Sunday, September 21, 2008

Washington Post article

On South Dakota's own Initiated Measure 11. Read it here.

I don't know T. Campbell, but I do know the physician mentioned. He was my GYN doc when I lived here in 2002-2005. He is a principled guy, which I know from his stance on an issue that took place during the time I lived here before.

We in SD should not be going thru this again. Help us in any way you can.

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

I am playing "elevator diagnosis" here, but from the gist of the article, I am guessing that the twin case was one of an "acardiac twin." It is a condition I often use to illustrate when an abortion is necessary. A shunt in the placenta is present and allows a twin without a heart to survive...but it becomes a "parasite" to the "good" twin. The acardiac twin needs to be aborted in order for the other twin to live.

It is a very illustrative example.