Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last night's anniversary celebration was a blast. Even though Taciturn and I are not steak eaters, we both had fillet Mignon (that's the only thing on the menu in the evening), and had spectacular desserts and a bottle of merlot.

Then we went back to the room and I had a message on the cell saying that my mom had been taken to the hospital.

My 72 y/o mom has COPD, heart failure and diabetes, as well as a 55 year smoking habit she chooses not to stop ("I like to smoke!"). So whenever she gets a simple cold that most of the rest of us can shake, she cannot. The entire family had a cold; hers went into pneumonia and "fluid on her lung." No one took her to the doctor until one of my out of town brothers came to visit, took one look at her, and ran her as quickly as he could to her doc. She had been so weak that she had to have help with her bath, but still she didn't get medical help(that happened on one of my visits; I walked in, and 45 minutes later had her to the doctor and then in the hospital. When you don't live there, what had been a gradual change looks pretty ominous).

But anyway, I called my dad then called my mom, who actually sounded pretty good, all things considered. She is on a very powerful antibiotic and oxygen, so hopefully things will get patched up soon.

So we are back home and starting on the second decade of our marriage! Had a nice breakfast and will go out to do some mundane things like grocery shopping, which we both like to do. And I'll give my mom a call to make sure I don't have to jump in the car for a quick visit! Please pray for her well being.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Best wishes and prayers for your mom.

Happy anniversary and enjoy your mundane errands. Michael and I like doing those together too.

Mary Beth said...

Congrats, and praying!