Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some just don't get it

Thanks for the prayers for my mom. I've not checked with her today, but yesterday afternoon she sounded really tired and short of breath. We didn't talk long due to the shortness of breath. If she gets any worse, I'll have to go see her.

After all, you can't drive a car without ever changing the oil or otherwise taking care of it without it breaking down for good. And that is what she has done with her body.

To change the subject, I had a delightful conversation with fellow Episcopalian Robbinsdale Radical this am at Coffee Hour. His wife BW is running for the South Dakota House. When I opened up my Google reader after I got home from church, there was a post he wrote at Daily Kos. It has to do with local people, but it wouldn't be a stretch to generalize it to the situations too many face today.

And so many of the candidates running for office just don't get it. As one who lived into the peanut butter story at one time in my life, this is part of the reason I'm voting the way I plan to vote. I'm voting for those who DO get it.

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Kirkepiscatoid said...

Her situation sounds a lot like my mom at age 70. She is on 4 liters of oxygen 24/7/365 at this point b/c of her COPD. She did quit smoking a few years back but by that time, really, what was the point? One good pneumonia will put here where she can no longer function. So I understand a lot of where you are with it all. Hang in there.