Sunday, October 26, 2008

Say What?

Got up early this am. As I was reading the online version of the Washington Post, I noticed this line from a piece by Republican David From:

Second, the political culture of the Democratic Party has changed over the past decade. There's a fierce new anger among many liberal Democrats, a more militant style and an angry intolerance of dissent and criticism. This is the culture of the left-wing blogosphere and MSNBC's evening line-up -- and soon, it will be the culture of important political institutions in Washington.

Talk about calling the pot calling the kettle black! Substitute the words Republican, conservative, right wing and Fox News and you have the current situation. Just ask Christopher Buckley. Anyone ever heard of Fox News? How about Rush Limbaugh?

Good grief.

I could write more about just why people might be angry, but Doxy already has done that. I agree almost 100% with her. Take a quick read when you can.

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