Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday call

Taciturn and I called his step father, the Angry White Man, this am to wish him a happy 75th birthday. After talking to T for a while, he tried to get off of the phone without speaking to me but T kind of forced him to say hi. Of course, after the pleasantries he said: "(Incredibly racist joke about our new President elect)"

Me: Silence.

AWM: "What's wrong, didn't you get it?"

Me: "Oh. I. got. it. all. right."

AWM: "Well, I have to run off. Here's Reet (T's mom)!"

One of these days when it is not his birthday I should just tell him I'm offended. But then I'd have to face Taciturn, who willingly participates in the charade.

I've told T I do not want to go to Baltimore for the holidays. He is very unhappy. He thinks it is a phase I'm going through, and that I will get over it. When I told him that I absolutely was terrified during our last visit, he just poo-pooed my concerns. I told him I will not be someone's verbal punching bag. Anyway, I expect to be strong armed most of the rest of the time between now and that visit.

What I have noticed is the last time T spoke with his mom, he was starting to set up a scenario in which I would have to stay in MO for the holidays and help my folks due to my mom's ill health and my teenage niece's new baby, who is due in a couple of weeks. Everyone will know the real reason I am not going to Baltimore. This just will be the elephant in the room becoming larger.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, and I dunno...I might just take the elephant under the rug at those terms. I get the feeling that your last visit triggered something that, if you were asking someone in the ER a question along those lines, it would be, "Do you feel safe at home?"

If the answer to the question "Did you feel physically safe that last visit?" is NO, well, then, an elephant under the rug that is growing is still the preferable choice.

mibi52 said...

Sorry you are in the midst of this awfulness. I vote in favor of you staying away from Angry Old Man. If T feels the need to come up with a cover story, so be it. Or if you want to come over here and hang out, you're ALWAYS welcome. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}

FranIAm said...

Go to DC!

Mary Beth said...


You can always come see me! :)