Saturday, November 22, 2008


And no work today. No recovering from it, or getting ready to nap in preparation for it.

I've been pretty fried this week from this weird schedule. Thursday night was incredibly busy as the patient care tech called in sick. Central Staffing sent me a person who had never seen the Hospice House, so I had to show her around and tell her what we do differently than at the Towers (nickname for the main hospital). Then we had to get to work. She had been told that all she had to do was follow me around, which wasn't going to work. She absolutely was willing to do stuff I asked (I'd met this particular nurse before, a while back) and was a good worker, but the long and short of it was that I was the nurse and the tech for twelve patients, with J being the person to help me reposition those who needed it.

Yesterday morning I had heard another PRN nurse had been hired, which really upset me when I heard it as I have griped since I got there about hardly getting to work. Weeks like this past one are very, very rare. But then I listened to a voice mail message from my immediate supervisor that said Central Staffing was going to start sending us another nurse almost each day for the busiest period of the day. Hmmm, I thought, maybe I can work those hours instead of someone from Central Staffing. People had told me to wait to see what happened to our staffing after the big inspection we just had before I applied to work elsewhere in the system. Apparently the inspectors had been not at all happy with our bare bones staffing, so change is coming.

I'm going to make an appointment to discuss this with my supervisor. Stay tuned.

As for my last post about the Angry White Man, Taciturn still says things like "When we go to Baltimore..." Since today has been such a nice day and we are going out to dinner tonight, I will defer any further conversation about that subject.

Actually, my pal Mibi from seminary, who commented on my last post, gave me another option--have T drop me off in DC, which I love (people and place), hang out with my seminary pals for a few days, then ride back when he is finished visiting his folks. Hmmm...

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Let me know if you're coming!!!!