Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a small church

A few months ago, one of my closer friends from seminary called me out of the blue as she remembered I had lived at one time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. "Do you know about St J's?" she asked. Of course I did--I had been a member of the parish and in fact had started EfM there. I continue to be in touch with some people I had known there and read the parish newsletter online. I told her it was a lovely, vibrant parish in an equally lovely, vibrant coastal community.

Turns out she was discerning if she should apply for the associate rector position at St. J's. The wheels of call turn slowly, as they should, and just a few days ago she messaged me on Facebook to tell me she had "news". She indeed was called to the position and will start at the end of next month! I am so happy for her--and for St. J's. She will be a good fit for the parish and vice versa.

Sounds like it will be time soon for a trip back to the Coast! This is my first in what I'm sure will be a series of small church moments. Fun.


mibi52 said...

That wouldn't be the St J's that's in Trent Lott's old town? If so, I know that church well - I was part of a team that went down and did rebuilding after Katrina. Was the former seminarian anyone I'd know?

Jan said...

What a connection! That's so nice.