Thursday, February 5, 2009

Working, working

Almost since I started my job back in May, I have complained about the lack of hours I've been able to work. For me it is not only a question of money (although that certainly enters into it), but also it is about having enough nursing practice hours to retain my nursing license in my state.

It is also about having enough practice hours to get a license in another state should we ever choose to move, but that is a different post.

After the last few weeks, though, I have stopped complaining. One of my co workers quit; another is taking a month off to care for an ill relative, and a couple of days ago another nurse had emergency abdominal surgery, which knocks her out for six weeks. (She is doing well, btw. Please keep her in your prayers.)

Suddenly I have absolutely all of the hours I can work. There is a week in March I'll work a full time schedule! I'm so fortunate in this economy that I have a job at all, and this has worked out just great.

Remind me of this when I start complaining about how tired I am, etc!

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