Friday, February 13, 2009

Odds 'n Ends on an Awake Day

After working some all nighters this week.

Each all night shift effectively cancels two days--need to nap for a few hours prior to going in, and then sleep after arriving home. Then when I wake up I feel to hung over to do much that is productive! I'm trying to remember how I used to do this when I was a young woman and at the same time have a life (which I did in those days!). Perhaps now that I'm 51 vs 31 the old rules don't apply anymore? Oh well. I work day shift tomorrow and Sunday.

Unbloggable stuff at work again. Every time I think it will be better, something else happens. Sigh. I'm so fortunate in that I really have options should I choose to exercise them. Many do not. And again, my life is good. I read other blogs and see the situations mentioned there, and am humbled--as well as moved to prayer.

Please pray for the repose of the souls who were lost in the plane crash yesterday, their families and friends in this time of grief. One of my pals from my military days, SP, now lives in the very area where the plane went down; I'm trying to get in touch with her to hear her story about it.

Just a thought: Why was it treason to criticize the president when the President was Bush, but it isn't when the president is Obama? They both were/are commander in chief in wartime. Just wondering.

I'm making a special chicken dish for our Valentine's dinner tonight. With yummy polenta, and a splash of wine (can't have but a splash and work the next day). I need to get into town and get the bottle of wine (also need it for the chicken sauce) but it snowed three inches last night. I'll go out later--I hear the snow plow as I type.

Enjoy your Friday!

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I don't think I could do night shifts. I so admire people in the medical professions who make that kind of sacrifice.

Interesting question about treason. i guess it depends on whether you think someone is a "real" president.