Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Behind!

I have over 300 posts to read in my Google reader. It is a safe bet I will not get to all of them. When I was in MO with my family, I was in MO with my family and not online. Much, anyway. I was on Facebook more than here as FB is shorter and more to the point.

Today I read short stories and wrote my morning pages. I tried to write the ones for yesterday while I was waiting at the MD's office for my every six month checkup, but I had to fend off a woman who said she wanted to see the beauty of my handwriting and then grilled me on my journaling practices. I was so happy when I was called for my appointment!

I missed my last writing class last night as I simply was too tired to go. I was in bed before it would have been over. I emailed the program director to let her know that I would not be there; she said she would forward the email to the instructor (who had failed to give us her contact info) and I've not heard from her. The fee for the class was very small and I think in this case one got what one paid for.

But, after speaking with Taciturn, I have signed up for another class via the Writers' Digest. This one is just to help me firm up my composition abilities. I am skipping the grammar class as I really don't think I need it (I CLEPed out of freshman English over 30 years ago and I know good websites that help in that area).

I ordered a compilation of stories by Raymond Carver this afternoon. Of all short story writers, he is the one I've read who addresses the people with whom I grew up. I've loved his work since I learned of it, shortly before he died over 20 years ago. I read an essay this afternoon by someone who was too drunk to attend a party at which Carver was in attendance and has beat himself over the head since. I'm fortunate in that I feel as though I've met him. An ex of mine wrote almost as well as Carver but was too lazy to do what needed to be done to get that work recognized and published. Again, he is himself a character in a Carver story. This person now sells Ranger boats. He is capable of so much more.

I baked bread this am and now am cooking up some chicken in a ginger sauce to eat with basmati rice and salad. I haven't cooked in two weeks so this is fun!

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, Laura, I'm grinning ear to ear that you've signed up for a class.

Speaking of Raymond Carver, I love the story "A Small Good Thing." Such a beautiful piece of work.