Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back in the Abode

That I share with Taciturn.

I'm a day later than I had planned due to some wicked weather that was on my route on Sunday. I drove to an eastern suburb of Kansas City where my youngest brother PME lives. We went to Carrabba's for calamari and other yummies and ran some errands. I used a reward night from my frequent hotel user program to save some cash. I did a bit over half of the rest of the trip yesterday and the rest today.

However, sleep was not to be had last night. I woke up at two am central time and never went back to sleep. You understand I was not anxious to drive 350 miles after no sleep, but in order to get back to the abode that is what I had to do. With the help of St. Caffeine, I made it just fine.

I'm really, really tired though. That wasn't helped by walking into a house that has been lived in only by a man who will not clean for two weeks. I've been scrubbing sinks and countertops, washing, etc since I've been home. But, all told, it is good to be back with T again.

And now, the dryer beckons.

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