Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess Move is Still Not Well Known

I was approached to run for the vestry in January. Obviously the present vestry does not know I plan to move. Have the pledge envelopes been opened yet? If so, then those in the know are keeping quiet. BTW, I dodged the vestry question by stating I had done that before and it did not work out for me (true).

Since many of my church friends are also friends on Spacebook, I don't discuss anything related to a move except in private messages. Some Spacebook status updates I have not posted include Lauralew:

--is going through five years' worth of Real Simple magazines to see which ones she will keep and which she will give away. Too heavy to ship. (One of my favorite magazines since it came out.)
--is selling books on for the same reason.
--cannot decide whether to go on her househunting trip before Xmas or after the New Year. A lot of snow either way.
--needs to get rid of a lot of excess furniture; if you need a slightly worn dining room set, a loveseat in need of a slipcover, etc, call me!
--and Taciturn spend way too much time on
--spends so much time on she does not have time to clean out her basement or cupboards in prep for the move.

And so on. Of course, several of my fellow parishioners have commented on this blog in the past, so I assume they still read it.

Meanwhile, today is the first Sunday of Advent. Our creche is up; our decorating is finished. Now is the time of joyful anticipation, a time of waiting. Waiting is different now than when I was a child. This time is more meaningful now. Happy Advent to all!

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Leann said...

I always love moving. The anticipation. The chance to start over. The chance to redecorate and add on.

Good luck with your moving preparations.