Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Few Days

The last few days have been really busy so I'm glad the NaBloPoMo is finished. I could have gotten posts up, but they would have been rushed.

Besides awaiting the coming of the Christ child in Advent, I'm awaiting my move. A few days ago a Vermonter with the handle VTCrone commented on a post from two weeks ago. She offered her email to me for questions. I took her post down due to her personal email in it but we've carried on a lively correspondence since then. She's given me lots of information but more importantly, she has given me a bit of friendship when that's the only thing in it for her.

She gave me the name of her realtor, which is something huge we needed. I emailed that person a little while ago to introduce myself and tell her some of the houses we are interested in that we've seen online. I look forward to hearing from her.

This speaking with an actual potential neighbor has kicked my butt a bit. I've been in our walk in closet tossing big time. I also threw out a bunch of stuff out of the pantry that was pushed to the back and died. I have to take one of the shelves down and scrub it; a can of plums is leaking, slowly :/. I had no clue until I was on the stepladder and noticed a stain on the shelf.

Meanwhile, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago or so that my next door neighbor is attempting to sell his house. On Wednesday, I got a massage from my other next door neighbor, and casually mentioned we were putting our house on the market in ~ February. She blanched. She and her husband plan to move their family this summer to California, where he works in the movie business, and want to put their house on the market in April. The picture is right there in my mind--all of the three houses at the end of our cul-de-sac with For Sale signs in the yards.

Taciturn is in a panic. For whatever reason, he is convinced we will have to give our house away, and now he is doubly so. But two people who recently sold houses told me that actually it may help us; someone may drive up to see one house, see one of the others that is pleasing at first glance, and look at that one also. My physical therapist said last summer four houses on his block sold, including his own. Especially since we hear that ours is a desirable subdivision and that houses for sale are few and far between, that is quite encouraging.

Today was the most brutal PT session I've experienced. He is trying to get my legs stronger and I did lots of weights, squats, leg lifts, etc. He promised me that I'll be sore tomorrow. That's ok. My tomorrow will be spent in an Advent Quiet Day, and then my pals PB and DB and I are driving to Hill City, SD to the Prairie Berry Winery for the Fezziwig Festival. PB goes each year and says it is great fun! Looking forward to it.


Leann said...

I hope you had a wonderfully quiet day today. Thank you for your support :-)

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