Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cats, Retirees, and Other Stuff

I actually have a few minutes to sit down and blog before I sear a tuna steak, have it with brown rice and greens, and head into town to mentor EfM. (Taciturn isn't home tonight, or it'd be white rice.) I'm running the entire show for the first time tonight, as well as bringing a cake.

It is, after all, T's and my wedding anniversary tomorrow, and I wish to share our joy with my friends! We have our own celebration planned for later.

T is officially retired from the USAF as of yesterday. I now can march in anti-war protests without getting him in trouble.

We've had our second cat, Parker, almost a week now. He's a bad little boy, but absolutely adorable. He's been much nicer to his companion, Eliza, since we clipped those big honkin' claws of his! Geez! Eliza was in his face at first, but Parker had gone from a M to an N and wasn't feeling great, but he's fine now.

I've been trying to exercise, and have walked 14 miles in 3 days. I feel pretty good. Yesterday though, we walked in the park then went to the store, and I got all cotton headed, started to drool and wander, forgot why we were there, stuff like that. I was wiped out the rest of the day. I had mentioned a while back that I have some undiagnosed neurological stuff, and stuff like that is happening more than I would like. Last week I made a deposit at the ATM and did the math so wrong that I shorted myself $500, and when I tried to re-do the addition, just couldn't do it. I made another today and wrote out the amount beforehand so I could get it right. I have an "Order of EfM" for this evening, so I don't forget what I'm supposed to do.

Yes, I have an appointment with the neurologist later this month.

T is at the local museum, starting his twice weekly classes to learn about the museum so he can be a docent. He is happy to be doing something again.

Time to sear tuna! Eileen, thanks for the hugs!


eileen said...


Congrats on your anniversary and T.'s retirement.

And hie thee to the neurologist soon - that sounds like scary stuff!

Linda McMillan said...

Parker is beautiful. I'm glad you have a new kitty.

Congratulations on all your great stuff: retirement, anniversary, new cat! And, keep that appointment with the neurologist.