Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm so mad I could spit.

President Bush, behind closed doors, vetoed the SCHIP bill this am.

The lofty language of "government funded medical care" is of no difference to a poor kid who is sick and whose parents can't afford to take said child to the doctor. Read Carson McCullers' book The Heart is a Lonely Hunter to see what can happen to a child in that situation.

(I remember my much younger brother delirious with pneumonia. I tried to take him to the ER, but my mom blocked my way, saying, "We can't afford it!" He was very ill for a long time, but lived.)

Yet there are generous tax cuts to corporations whose leaders make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. That isn't government funding?

This veto was simply MEAN.

I used to vote Republican, years ago. I am so disillusioned by that bunch now I would never vote that way again. I've already asked God to forgive me for voting for Bush the first time. As my religious views matured, I found that the platforms of the neo-cons made me sick to my stomach. They could not care any less about those who are economically disadvantaged, quite contrary to the views of Jesus.

Later today I am going to write to my representatives, both past and present, who did not vote to override the veto and tell them I'm ashamed of them, that what they did was mean. I'll also email the White HOuse to say the same thing, although THAT won't do any good.

Off to Eucharist and then Bible study. That may make me feel more loving, but I doubt it. "Love your enemies," says Jesus. Gulp.

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lj said...

I hear you, sister! Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm jealous you can hear the bugling from your home.