Friday, October 31, 2008

Hate in my neck of the woods

A grandfather and worker's comp lawyer who lives around the corner from me, a man named Dennis Finch, is running for the South Dakota state senate. His opponent is the incumbent who has done nothing but talk about the "Three Gs" (God--for--guns--for--gays--against).

Mr Finch, a Democrat, has said that he is for "fairness for all". He, along with a Republican state senate candidate, has been endorsed by Equality of SD. So this is what he gets:

Also, as noted in today's Rapid City Journal, a LGBT hate group has targeted his campaign by sending out pink postcards with a photo of two men kissing. The incumbent has said that he had nothing to do with this, but refuses to disavow the group's actions. Shameful.

Please pray for those who are so consumed by hate, that the Holy Spirit will soften their hearts and that love will cast out their all consuming fear.

Update: My church pal RR has a photo of the actual headline in the newspaper today.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

The emotions being stirred up in our country are frightening.

Saying a prayer.

cp said...

Amazingly the comments on the Rapid City Journal Rapid reply (normally a pretty yucky zone on the web) is very supportive of Finch. It's possible we may be turning a corner in South Dakota.

Here's a sample of some of the things I read over there:

Talk about the most ignorant, disgusting way to spend your time. How much money did he spend on his postcards? He couldn't find a better way to spend it? Something that actually helps a community, instead of spreading homophobic hate? Who's business is it anyway, who you sleep with?

So a canidate believes in equal rights for ALL?
What is the world comming to?
Cruisify him!!

By the way, someone has gay neighbors in Hermosa..... and they are FABULOUS!!

Folks trying to enforce their own morality on others could put their post card money to better use, like feeding a family or two for the holidays. Show us that christian charity.
I dare ya.

ps I'm treasurer of Equality South Dakota. We (and EqSD PAC) can use your support (financial and otherwise) to continue to help turn the page to a new day in this state!

lj said...

Oh, yuck. It really is getting ugly. Prayers are what we need, indeed.