Friday, November 27, 2009

Only Son, Guest Blogger

I had another post ready to go, but then read this post entitled People Who Care Only Son wrote on his blog last night. I'll let him speak here today.

This Thanksgiving I’m thinking quite a bit about my Grandparents who passed away in the last few months. In the past on holidays we have been overwhelmed with the number of places we were expected to go. But now that that is over we are really missing it. It has made me think that I shouldn’t take people who truly care about me for granted. It is so important to know that there are people out there who truly love and accept me no matter what. With friends I am tempted to worry that they might not like me as much if I say certain things or if I truly open up. But with family it is different. I am thinking about my Grandma E who was always delighted to see my family when we came regardless of my political views or whether we said a couple of stupid or annoying things or even if the kids were cranky. So if you have people who truly care about you don’t take them for granted. In this life that is a very precious and rare thing.

How many people live their entire lives and miss this lesson? It is all about love.

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Leann said...

Your son makes a very valid and strong point. We often times don't make the time for those we love because they are here and unfortunately don't appreciate them until they are gone.

Make your peace while you have the opportunity so nothing is left unsaid, undone, when they are gone.

Thank you for sharing his wise words.